A New Conan The Barbarian Film Starring Arnie? Yes please!

Conan is a thinking man.

Conan is a thinking man.

I love the original Conan The Barbarian, it’s my favorite Arnie film and I think it’s the best fantasy film ever made. Yes, I know that’s a controversial opinion, but it is the perfect film when it comes to that genre. So, you can’t imagine how very excited I am about the prospect of there being a new film about Conan starring Arnie! I know, I’m not mentioning Conan The Destroyer, and that’s because it was pretty terrible and didn’t have the grandeur of the first film.

Now, there has been talk of this Legend Of Conan film for years. However producer Fredrik Malmberg has stated that they think the new script will be ready by the fall, with production starting in the spring of next year. The main thing that makes the original so iconic is the fact that it was directed by John Milius, who realized that it takes many things put together to make a great film. It has really good production values, a timeless soundtrack and the screenplay is excellent. For this new film to work they are going to have to take that into consideration. Using too much CGI and a lame screenplay will doom it into the same category as Conan The Destroyer.

I am going to be upbeat and positive about this new film. Hopefully, it will be good or I’ll crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women!