The Reddit Goth Community Is A Fucking Mess

This goth mess looks more appealing  to me than the goth Reddit community.

This goth mess looks more appealing to me than the goth Reddit community.

Is there a train-wreck of a site that you visit sometimes to see Darwinism at work? Well, the Reddit goth community is the one that I can’t stop looking at no matter how much I try. Even though sometimes it gets me pissed off to no end I can’t stop going back. It’s like it has its evil tendrils of death gripped onto me and I can’t tear free of them!

By now you must be wondering what the hell is wrong with it. Why is she so annoyed by just a message board? There is one thing that I can’t stand, and that is people who act like they know what they are talking about, while in fact they don’t have a fucking clue. I’m not talking about people who innocently make a mistake, I’m talking about idiots who like to rewrite history in order to make themselves look like they know it all and that their point of view should be the truth. It’s willful ignorance.

The mod over there, a guy named Grim Wizard, lives in DC and is into the cyber side of things. That comes into play in this rant, trust me! Well, every single fucking time a thread is started asking about the history of the goth subculture this fellow goes on and on about how EBM saved the goth subculture in the 90’s Obviously the guy doesn’t know what the hell is talking about since it didn’t need saving. I mean, what the hell did it need saving from? Cthulhu? I don’t know! Anyway, he goes on about how goth music was dead and that if EBM hadn’t of ‘taken over’ then the subculture would have died. Those of you who are old enough to remember differently are banging your heads into a wall at this point, I know the feeling! Now, every time he does this I make a point to comment that his view of what happened isn’t the truth, that there were tons of bands around at the time who played guitar oriented music, but he always ignores me and starts in on it again in a different thread. The worst thing about all of this? The guy isn’t old enough to remember what happened during that time! That’s right, the shit is perpetuating some crap that he isn’t even old enough to have been in on.

Another thing that really gets my panties in a bunch is the people on there who keep listing only metal bands as goth, or even Marilyn Manson. Even with the internet these fuckwits still don’t know about actual goth bands. I have no problem with metal, in fact I love early Danzig and Metallica, but at least I know the difference between the genres. I know that there is a thing called goth metal these days, but it is different from traditional goth music and should be stated as such. It sure as hell shouldn’t be heralded as the only form of goth music. Get it together kids, do some research!

Then there are the threads asking about how to get into the subculture. Kid, if you are asking about how to get into a subculture then you don’t have the interest in the first place. It should be something that kind of comes naturally, not something that you can pick and choose like a bottle of vodka. Christ, If you have to be told what is spooky and how exactly you should dress than you have it all wrong. I know this isn’t a phenomena to Reddit, but it gets to really absurd lengths there! Also, there is the whole ‘what category of goth am I’ crap. Do you need your identity to be that rigid and defined? if I told you that you had to dress in mourning clothes every single day, even to get a Slurpee at the store, would you go out and do it just because I ordered you?

Yes, I’m still going to visit it, even after this rant. Maybe I should start a topic there all about how to turn cowboy goth or something?




The Reason Why Goths/Punks/Freaks Don’t Greet One Another Any Longer

Gothpunk/freak fashion has gone mainstream folks, get used to it.

Goth/punk/freak fashion has gone mainstream folks, get used to it.

Why don’t weirdos greet each other any longer when they are out and about? I’ve heard that question asked time and time again on the internet. The answer is very simple; the visual differences that used to identify weirdos have gone mainstream, and you can never tell these days if somebody is merely copying the fashion or is truly strange.

I’m going to sound old, I know that and accept it. ‘Back in the day’, if you were a weirdo of any kind, you could be walking down the street, see another weirdo and give them a smile, wave or whatever and be acknowledged in turn. It was really easy back then to identify another of your species because they dressed funny like you and had funny colored or shaved hair. Seriously, it was like a club. I made friends back then with all sorts of freaks, from SHARP skinheads and Mods, to skaters. There were so few people in each distinct subculture that you kind of huddled together for safety. There weren’t the divides between the subcultures like there seem to be now. Also, I knew people from a lot of different areas within the San Francisco Bay Area.

What changed? The elements that made each subculture different have been co-opted by the fashion industry and popular culture over the years. When I first dyed my hair magenta in the very late 1980’s not very many people were doing it. Of course, I knew I wasn’t doing anything new, but it wasn’t exactly popular either. The only people who dyed their hair rainbow colors back then were weirdos. The same goes for dressing in strange outfits. Studs or spikes, that used to be seen just on punk gear and leather jackets, has now been stuck on everything from purses to sweatshirts. It’s to the point where I won’t wear studs or spikes because it’s become sort of crass to do so in my opinion.

This is crass folks.

This is crass…and I’m not talking about the band.

Where I am living now everybody from teen moms to pensioners are dyeing their hair every color of the rainbow. It’s so normal to do that here that I feel kind of strange dying my hair purple these days. Well, I did it before them, so there! There are also people who dress in black with their pre-manufactured spike covered gear walking around who for all intensive purposes are pretty much fashion victims just trying to follow some sort of ‘underground’ trend that they think makes them look unique. Um…no. They are known on the net as nu-goths, which is ridiculous since they don’t listen to Goth music. I mean, if we were going to label everybody who dresses in black a Goth does that mean that nuns and priests are God-Goths?

I personally don’t feel comfortable acknowledging any of the above mentioned types because I know that I will have absolutely nothing in common with any of these people. Yes, I’m making some assumptions, but really it isn’t worth the bother these days.

Why Don’t Films Get Goth Right?

Do you know what’s sad as hell? The fact the screenwriters, and directors, still almost never correctly portray Goths. Most of the time the are aggressive teen girls who have attitude problems and look like they shop at Hot Topic. Here is a list of the worst offenders.

We are the weirdos! No, no you aren't.

We are the weirdos! No, no you aren’t.

A lot of those who claim to have been Goth as teenagers go on and on about how they loved The Craft and how they modeled themselves on the character Nancy. Who is Nancy? An aggressive teen Goth girl who looks like she got her clothes from Hot Topic and has an attitude problem. Absolutely no surprise there, right folks? Of course she is rather evil as well and goes all power-hungry towards the end of the film, which makes her totally insane. Goth chicks all practice Wicca and are secretly insane and are just waiting for the right moment to come before releasing their inner insane bitch. This was made right after the Columbine massacre so the filmmakers perpetuated the angsty Goth model. A friend and I went to see it and during the part where Nancy declares that her and her friends are weirdos my friend shouted really loud ‘I am the weirdo!’. That will always crack me up!

A gaggle of Goths in Satan's School For Girls.

A gaggle of Goths in Satan’s School For Girls.

I am watching the remake of Satan’s School For Girls while writing this and it’s what gave me the idea for this article. Thanks! Well, this little tale has a whole group of Goth girls supposedly practicing Satanism, when in fact they are practicing Wicca. Goths always have to choose between the two, and it’s so difficult isn’t it? There are times I wake up in the morning and can’t decide! All of the Goth chicks in this look like walking advertisements for Hot Topic circa late 1990’s. They all have normal colored hair and really bad accessories. They all just need some hugs and wardrobe advice, from somebody who is actually in the damn subculture!

My life is a big dark room.

My life is a big dark room.

Notice how this film was made right around the same time as the two above? This became a trend! This time it’s super angsty Kim who is psychic! Not only does she smoke cigarettes, or maybe they are cloves, she has an attitude problem. I’m beginning to get all grumpy repeating that, but I didn’t write these films so it’s not my fault. Just like Nancy she goes kind of nuts in the end and realizes that she helped kill some people. Maybe all Goths have repressed memories of this and we are all inherently evil! Kim has a collar on, but she doesn’t look quite as bad as the characters in the other films do. I like how Kin is all hanging about in a cemetery when we first meet her, because Goths love cemeteries, right guys! Okay, yeah a few of us do!

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

The Bride Of Chucky featured a Goth named Damien. Yes, Damien. He’s a typical sleazy Goth guy with really awful tattoos and a bad sense of fashion. Also, he’s wearing those damn metal finger point thingies that just scream poseur to me. If you like them that’s your problem. All Goths must be into kinky sex because they dress in all black and are into Satanism and the occult. Do you see a pattern there? Oh, and once again, this was made during the same period as all of the other films. I think studio execs, and writers, thought that Goths were dark and spooky during that time due to the whole Marilyn Manson is scary shitfest and decided that adding them to horror films would be a good fit. It really wasn’t, it was like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Do you know why all of these films got it wrong, or perpetuated the Goth stereotypes? Because these writers, costumers and directors were all lazy as hell. Seriously, I think most of them just turned on Rikki Lake at the time and pattered their Goth character(s) on teens who proclaimed their love for Marilyn Manson by being annoying twats. A sign of a good film is when the filmmakers put an effort into their final product. I’m not saying that these films aren’t entertaining, because they are, but they just don’t get Goth right.

Andrew Eldritch Hates Goths, Yet They Pay To See Him

This man hates you.

This man hates you.

I don’t understand why people, especially Goths in particular, pay money to see Andrew Eldritch perform live. After all he has let it be known that he doesn’t consider the Sisters Of Mercy to be Goth, and he has said that he actually hates Goths on several occasions. However, all of this hasn’t put off the gullible from giving this self-important twat their hard earned cash.

Yes, I own all of the Sisters Of Mercy albums, but these were all bought over 20 years ago. I like the albums until Vision Thing, which I think is mostly a pile of garbage. Eldrtich had kicked out everybody from the band who made actual good music and that album is the result. So, he hasn’t released an album of all original material in over twenty years, yet he still thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He has this attitude mainly because he knows people will still pay to see him live.

Now, why would people pay this man any money after they know that he specifically doesn’t like them? I think one of the main reasons is because people think they are seeing some sort of living legend perform songs that are club classics. That is like paying a bunch of money to see an Elvis hologram perform with a backing band! Yes, that is actually happening! Eldritch is living off of some warm fuzzy memories that people have of his music, so why should he even bother writing any new tunes? He knows that his concert going audience is filled with a bunch of self hating people, so why even pretend that the band is ever going to move forward into any new territory?

His hatred of the Goth subculture goes all the way back to the 1980’s. I remember around 1990 knowing somebody who met him and Eldritch told him off because he was dressed Goth. Seriously, Eldritch is that much of a dick. From then on I promised myself to never pay money to see him. I think it’s hypocritical to pay to see a man perform who hates you, then complain when other people say they hate you for being Goth. Really, what’s the difference between him hating you and somebody else? Is it okay for him to hate you because he’s some sort of ‘living legend’? Screw that and get some self respect. Stop giving him your hard earned cash because you deserve better.

No, You Can’t Just Magically Become Goth

Oh hell no.

Oh hell no.

I quite honestly don’t care if I come across as an elitist bitch by writing this post. This is a subject that has always bothered me and one in which probably wouldn’t be around without the help of two things: Marilyn Manson and the internet.

Are you old enough to remember when Marilyn Manson reared his ugly head? I sure am, and let me tell you it was a truly awful thing to behold. The man, and his music, aren’t Goth but by golly did his little teenage fans think they were! Now, why was this? It was because the mainstream press labeled him Goth so his followers thought that they were Goth by association. Of course they weren’t, they were just idiots trying to piss off their parents and shock people. They would go on daytime talk shows, especially Jenny Jones and Rikki Lake, and brag about how Goth they were and how much they loved Marilyn Manson. You can’t make this shit up.

These misinformed and annoying kids thought that they could just automatically become Goth by going to Hot Topic and buying some overpriced and cheap looking outfits. Their attitude was the same as before they were Goth, they were just brats playing at being spooky. Being spooky, to them, meant being rude to others and acting like a twat. What they failed to understand is the being Goth is about much more than dressing in black and wearing bad make-up, rather it’s about being drawn to things that have a darker feel. Also, it’s quite heavily about the music, which these teens had no idea about.

I have a story that relates to all of this. One time I was walking around a toy store wearing a Christian Death shirt and it was around 1997. A teen comes up to me and asks me if Christian Death are like Marilyn Manson. I tell him no then move on. He then proceeds to keep following me about the store going on and on about Marilyn Manson. I think I only escaped because I went to the checkout to buy something.

The internet has done nothing to help all of this. Yes, there is some really good information out there concerning the subculture, but it is just as filled with misinformed people spouting off what they think Goth really is about. This is usually done by teens who think they know it all when in fact they, of course, don’t. Giving people advice on how to dress Goth, and not talking about the music aspect or anything else, does not help things at all. There are tons of kids out there who still think that being Goth is all about the image, and that in order to be Goth they have to fit into a neat little box that has already been thought out for them.

When a teen enters the modern Goth subculture they don’t have to be intelligent. They can look up the ‘subtypes’ of Goth and pick out which one they want to be. They feel like they have to stay in their little box and not stray out of it or they won’t be considered a romantic, cyber, Victorian, etc…Goth. It’s ridiculous! Gone is all creativity and being your own person. They don’t develop their own style or personality, instead they become a walking stereotype, which is just plain stupid. Also, try holding an intelligent conversation with these empty vessels. You can’t, it’s impossible!

If you don’t like Goth music or things with a darker edge then don’t call yourself Goth or ‘become’ Goth. Just be yourself instead of dressing in a costume.