The Reddit Goth Community Is A Fucking Mess

This goth mess looks more appealing  to me than the goth Reddit community.

This goth mess looks more appealing to me than the goth Reddit community.

Is there a train-wreck of a site that you visit sometimes to see Darwinism at work? Well, the Reddit goth community is the one that I can’t stop looking at no matter how much I try. Even though sometimes it gets me pissed off to no end I can’t stop going back. It’s like it has its evil tendrils of death gripped onto me and I can’t tear free of them!

By now you must be wondering what the hell is wrong with it. Why is she so annoyed by just a message board? There is one thing that I can’t stand, and that is people who act like they know what they are talking about, while in fact they don’t have a fucking clue. I’m not talking about people who innocently make a mistake, I’m talking about idiots who like to rewrite history in order to make themselves look like they know it all and that their point of view should be the truth. It’s willful ignorance.

The mod over there, a guy named Grim Wizard, lives in DC and is into the cyber side of things. That comes into play in this rant, trust me! Well, every single fucking time a thread is started asking about the history of the goth subculture this fellow goes on and on about how EBM saved the goth subculture in the 90’s Obviously the guy doesn’t know what the hell is talking about since it didn’t need saving. I mean, what the hell did it need saving from? Cthulhu? I don’t know! Anyway, he goes on about how goth music was dead and that if EBM hadn’t of ‘taken over’ then the subculture would have died. Those of you who are old enough to remember differently are banging your heads into a wall at this point, I know the feeling! Now, every time he does this I make a point to comment that his view of what happened isn’t the truth, that there were tons of bands around at the time who played guitar oriented music, but he always ignores me and starts in on it again in a different thread. The worst thing about all of this? The guy isn’t old enough to remember what happened during that time! That’s right, the shit is perpetuating some crap that he isn’t even old enough to have been in on.

Another thing that really gets my panties in a bunch is the people on there who keep listing only metal bands as goth, or even Marilyn Manson. Even with the internet these fuckwits still don’t know about actual goth bands. I have no problem with metal, in fact I love early Danzig and Metallica, but at least I know the difference between the genres. I know that there is a thing called goth metal these days, but it is different from traditional goth music and should be stated as such. It sure as hell shouldn’t be heralded as the only form of goth music. Get it together kids, do some research!

Then there are the threads asking about how to get into the subculture. Kid, if you are asking about how to get into a subculture then you don’t have the interest in the first place. It should be something that kind of comes naturally, not something that you can pick and choose like a bottle of vodka. Christ, If you have to be told what is spooky and how exactly you should dress than you have it all wrong. I know this isn’t a phenomena to Reddit, but it gets to really absurd lengths there! Also, there is the whole ‘what category of goth am I’ crap. Do you need your identity to be that rigid and defined? if I told you that you had to dress in mourning clothes every single day, even to get a Slurpee at the store, would you go out and do it just because I ordered you?

Yes, I’m still going to visit it, even after this rant. Maybe I should start a topic there all about how to turn cowboy goth or something?




Samhain’s November Coming Fire Is My Favorite Album…Ever

Yes folks, this album is my favorite ever. Seriously, I can listen to it over and over again and not be bored out of my mind. You know how you liked¬† a band when you were younger but don’t listen to them any longer for various reasons? This album defies that curse!

For those of you who don’t know Samhain was Glenn Danzig’s second band after The Misfits broke up, and I consider this period to be his best musically. Sure, I love old school Misfits songs, and the first four Danzig albums, but there is something perfect about Samhain, and particularly November Coming Fire, that makes it stand above anything else that Glenn has done. The first time I ever heard of them was when I was in high school on a trip to an amusement park with some friends when a girl wearing a November Coming Fire shirt gave me shit for wearing a Sex Pistols shirt. Go figure, there was elitism even back in the 80’s! It wasn’t until 1990 that I cold bought November Coming Fire and instantly fell in love with it. That’s right, I bought the album without even listening to it. These were the days before the internet kids so you had to do things like that to discover new bands. I was a huge fan of The Misfits and like the first two Danzig albums that were out at the time so it seemed like a natural step.

The beautiful thing about Samhain is that Danzig incorporated goth, punk and some metal all into one neat package that didn’t sound like anything else. People still try to imitate the sound but nobody has gotten it so spot on in my opinion. I would dare to even call November Coming Fire a deathrock album. After all the songs are about spooky shit, are very morbid sounding and sung by a guy who knows how to fucking sing!. Seriously, listen to the link above in a candlelit room in the middle of the night and don’t tell me that it doesn’t sound in turns otherworldly and beyond macabre.

My favorite song off the album has got to be Halloween II, which is a remake of The Misfits song. Instead of being fast, like the original, it is slow and deliberate, and what makes it spooky as shit is the fact that just like the original it is sung in Latin. When I saw Danzig perform in 1992 they played it as an encore and I almost cried I was so happy! Back then he didn’t like to play old material as much so it was kind of a shock.¬† I don’t dislike ANY of the songs on the album and find some of the placement of them in the order in which they appear to be brilliant. Let The Day Begins, which is a faster paced song, follows To Walk The Night, which is slower in tempo. In some ways November Coming Fire could be seen as a concept album of sorts because all of the album centers about overcoming obstacles. Yeah, that may be stretch, but what the hell?

I remember trying to get goth clubs to play songs off this album back in the day, and it was considered too ‘punk’ even though it sounded more full of dirge than a lot of the stuff they spun. Philistines! November Coming Fire brings back so many fuzzy warm memories! It reminds me specifically of the times that I used to drive around San Jose and Santa Clara with my friend Sheri. I would blast it in my car with the windows rolled down and sing along at the top of my lungs. Awww….memories!

The Reason Why Goths/Punks/Freaks Don’t Greet One Another Any Longer

Gothpunk/freak fashion has gone mainstream folks, get used to it.

Goth/punk/freak fashion has gone mainstream folks, get used to it.

Why don’t weirdos greet each other any longer when they are out and about? I’ve heard that question asked time and time again on the internet. The answer is very simple; the visual differences that used to identify weirdos have gone mainstream, and you can never tell these days if somebody is merely copying the fashion or is truly strange.

I’m going to sound old, I know that and accept it. ‘Back in the day’, if you were a weirdo of any kind, you could be walking down the street, see another weirdo and give them a smile, wave or whatever and be acknowledged in turn. It was really easy back then to identify another of your species because they dressed funny like you and had funny colored or shaved hair. Seriously, it was like a club. I made friends back then with all sorts of freaks, from SHARP skinheads and Mods, to skaters. There were so few people in each distinct subculture that you kind of huddled together for safety. There weren’t the divides between the subcultures like there seem to be now. Also, I knew people from a lot of different areas within the San Francisco Bay Area.

What changed? The elements that made each subculture different have been co-opted by the fashion industry and popular culture over the years. When I first dyed my hair magenta in the very late 1980’s not very many people were doing it. Of course, I knew I wasn’t doing anything new, but it wasn’t exactly popular either. The only people who dyed their hair rainbow colors back then were weirdos. The same goes for dressing in strange outfits. Studs or spikes, that used to be seen just on punk gear and leather jackets, has now been stuck on everything from purses to sweatshirts. It’s to the point where I won’t wear studs or spikes because it’s become sort of crass to do so in my opinion.

This is crass folks.

This is crass…and I’m not talking about the band.

Where I am living now everybody from teen moms to pensioners are dyeing their hair every color of the rainbow. It’s so normal to do that here that I feel kind of strange dying my hair purple these days. Well, I did it before them, so there! There are also people who dress in black with their pre-manufactured spike covered gear walking around who for all intensive purposes are pretty much fashion victims just trying to follow some sort of ‘underground’ trend that they think makes them look unique. Um…no. They are known on the net as nu-goths, which is ridiculous since they don’t listen to Goth music. I mean, if we were going to label everybody who dresses in black a Goth does that mean that nuns and priests are God-Goths?

I personally don’t feel comfortable acknowledging any of the above mentioned types because I know that I will have absolutely nothing in common with any of these people. Yes, I’m making some assumptions, but really it isn’t worth the bother these days.

The Boys From Brazil, Genetic Tampering Gone Wild!

Gregory Peck as Joseph Mengele.

Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele.

There are going to be spoilers in this post. If you have never seen this film and want to be surprised by it then stop reading right now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Boys From Brazil is a twisted film giving us a glimpse into a future in which giant strides in genetics have taken place that lets the surviving Nazi elite recreate the circumstances in which Adolph Hitler was created. This film was made over thirty years ago, so technology has caught up with the ideas set forth in this book, but that doesn’t make the idea of new little Hitlers being created any less frightening.

This film is based upon the book of the same name by Ira Levin, who also wrote Rosemary’s Baby. What I find really interesting about the idea behind the film’s premise is that it realized it’s not only genetics that paves the way for a person to become evil and twisted. Joseph Mengele, played by Gregory Peck, artificially inseminates a bunch of ‘Aryan’ women with the genetic material of Hitler. Then these babies are adopted out to couples who fit the exact profile of Hitler’s parents. The wife is younger and domineering, while the husband is older and works for the civil service. Once this is done the plan is then to have all of the fathers killed at the same age as Hitler’s father died.

He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more!

He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more!

What’s funny is that these surviving Nazi leaders have a real problem with killing these fathers and the consequences of this is their plan is found out. Sure, they have no problems killing millions of people in concentration camps, but they are now more cautious and realize that perhaps the world isn’t totally in synch with their crazy ideas yet. Mengele is the only character that is fanatical about this plan, so much so that he gets into a physical confrontation at a party with another Nazi who criticizes his ideas. He is convinced that if the murders don’t happen then their dream of a Fourth Reich will never take place. The character has a point, in which that certain events in our lives shape us and change our personality. If Hitler’s father hadn’t died while he was young would he have been a different person?

Modern day Hitler.

Modern day Hitler.

The part of this film that genuinely freaks me out is the character of a young teen modern day Hitler. These clones appear in various times throughout the film while Nazi hunter Yakov Liebermann is seeking out the families that adopted these children. Liebermann doesn’t quite know exactly what is going on but as he meets these identical children who live in totally different areas he quickly figures out that something really strange and disquieting is happening. Even though these young Hitlers have never met each other they are all slightly bratty and act like they are superior to the people surrounding them. Their environmental conditioning seems to be working!

Cloning of animals is being done today but there have been laws put in place to stop doing the same things with humans. Does that mean that nobody is doing such things? Right now there are labs out there tampering with the genetic code hoping to create humans that are ‘perfect’. How long will it be before these type of creatures are cloned?

Bands I Love Who Aren’t Goth

I listen to a lot of music that isn’t Goth. Back when I started getting into Goth in the mid-late 1980’s I was also getting into punk, so effectively I had one foot in each camp. Nowadays I would have probably been called a deathrocker, but that term wasn’t really used that much back then so I was just being me. On Friday I would go to Gilman St. in Berkeley to catch a punk show and on Saturday I would go to the Twilight Zone in Alameda to hear new wave/goth/industrial music. There were a few of us who did that and there were certain people, especially at the Twilight Zone, who looked down at that. Yes, there were total elitists in the Goth subculture even back then. The funny thing is that the ones who looked down their nose at me were mostly the weekend warrior types so they were really boring.

The Exploited are probably my all time favorite punk band. Especially the above song called Maggie that totally sings about what a cunt Maggie Thatcher was. The day that she died I played this song over and over again in celebration. Those of you who say that we shouldn’t celebrate the death of anybody did not live in the time of Thatcher and Reagan. What I’ve always loved about The Exploited is their politics. There have been people over the years saying they are Nazis, which of course is bullshit. Siouxsie also wore a swastika armband at the start of punk, so does that also make her a Nazi? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The Misfits are a very close second, but the pure aggressiveness of The Exploited still gets me worked up.

Growing up in the 1970’s/1980’s exposed me to lots of funky music, be it R&B or disco. The Gap Band are one of my favorites in this category because the heavy base/synth lines in their songs are beyond awesome and make me want to get down! I remember the above video being on MTV and totally grooving to it.

This is the most bad-ass cover of a song ever! Vanilla Fudge were a psychedelic band from New Jersey that were around mostly during the late 1960’s. I just love the sound of the Hammond organ and the heavy guitar playing. I love a lot of their music, which can be strange and trippy, but this is my favorite song of theirs. Imagine, in this clip they are actually playing live! They toured with Cream! I wish I could have gone to that show!

I have always had a crush on Bryan Ferry, he’s like the James Bond of the music world; suave and totally irresistible. *fans herself* Anyway! I love his solo work and Roxy Music. Listening to him sing makes me feel like I’m in a slightly seedy cocktail lounge surrounded by mysterious people. That’s a good thing!

I love Public Enemy. How dare I love some old-school rap…how dare I! The first time I ever heard Public Enemy was in the bedroom of a punk guy in Santa Cruz. That’s right, punks and other freaks were listening to Public Enemy before upper middle class annoying white teens ever heard of them. Again I love them because of the political message they sent out, which is so lacking in today’s world of rap. Even their newer songs are really good!

Next year will be 30 years since I started listening to PiL. They were a total gateway band for me in terms of discovering ‘strange’ music. In my opinion they are the best post-punk band of the late 70’s/80’s. Seriously, John Lydon can write circles around Morrissey. Yeah, go ahead and try to argue with me about that! I saw them three times live in the late 1980’s and they were some of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I can’t describe enough about how much this band means to me. Lydon’s later work with the band isn’t quite as good as the earlier material, but as a whole it’s excellent stuff!



Morbid History: The Plot to Kidnap Abraham Lincoln’s Corpse

Lincoln's corpse lying in state in Washington D. C..

Lincoln’s corpse lying in state.

I don’t have to give you a detailed history about Abraham Lincoln, because the vast majority of you know at least who he was. Basically he was the President of the United Sates during the Civil War, and right after it ended he was assassinated in Ford’s Theater in Washington D. C. while watching the play Our American Cousin. He was shot in the head and managed to cling to life for a few hours before expiring. What I find even more interesting than the story of his death is the fact that there was a plot to kidnap Lincoln’s body and hold it for ransom!

The year is 1876 and Lincoln was resting in an above ground white marble sarcophagus in a tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery located in Springfield Illinois. At the time of his death many wanted his remains buried in Washington DC but Mary Todd wanted none of that and decided that Lincoln should go back from whence he came. Oak Ridge Cemetery was located outside the city proper and was quite isolated. There weren’t any guards located there and not even a night watchman making the rounds. So, you could pretty much enter the cemetery at night and nobody would know, or care, that you were in there.

Lincoln's tomb, a fun day out for the whole family!

Lincoln’s tomb, a fun day out for the whole family!

If you were a counterfeiter whose friend was arrested and now in jail what would you do to get the attention of the authorities? That’s right, you would attempt to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln and hold it for ransom until not only was your friend released but until you received $200,000! The guys who thought up this plot weren’t the smartest crayons in the box, that’s for certain! Big Jim Kennally, a Chicago crime boss and leader of a group of counterfeiters, convinced two members of his gang, Terence Mullen and Jack Hughes, to kidnap Lincoln’s corpse even though neither of them had any experience when it came to grave robbing. To rectify that situation they asked a reputed grave robber named Lewis Swegeles to help them out, but he in fact worked for the Secret Service and gave away the plot to Patrick Tyrrell who was the head of the Secret Service office in Chicago.

You would think that breaking into an unguarded tomb in an unguarded cemetery would be an easy task, especially for career criminals. After all there was only a single padlock keeping the door of the tomb closed. The idiots couldn’t even pick the lock so they had to actually file their way through it. Not only that they didn’t think of the logistics of opening up the sarcophagus and lifting the coffin out. It was made out of wood and lead and weighed over 500 lbs! While they were tying to ponder how to lift the damn thing out they heard gunfire coming from outside. It turns out that Tyrrell, and other Secret Service officers, were waiting outside for them and had accidentally discharged a firearm. Somehow the robbers ran out and got away, but were soon caught back in Chicago.

Lincoln's burial chamber.

Lincoln’s burial chamber.

After all of this the people who were in charge of the tomb started to worry that others would get the same idea, so they decided to secretly bury Lincoln’s coffin in the basement of the monument. Yes, Lincoln was in the basement of his own tomb in a shallow grave for just about 25 years without anybody, but the people who buried him, knowing! There he stayed until 1901 when his coffin was finally removed, lowered into a large vault and covered in tons of cement. I’m guessing that under the weight of that cement that his body is pretty much toast. His coffin is supposedly surrounded by a steel cage, but we are probably never going to be able to see his corpse ever again! How unfair!

A New Conan The Barbarian Film Starring Arnie? Yes please!

Conan is a thinking man.

Conan is a thinking man.

I love the original Conan The Barbarian, it’s my favorite Arnie film and I think it’s the best fantasy film ever made. Yes, I know that’s a controversial opinion, but it is the perfect film when it comes to that genre. So, you can’t imagine how very excited I am about the prospect of there being a new film about Conan starring Arnie! I know, I’m not mentioning Conan The Destroyer, and that’s because it was pretty terrible and didn’t have the grandeur of the first film.

Now, there has been talk of this Legend Of Conan film for years. However producer Fredrik Malmberg has stated that they think the new script will be ready by the fall, with production starting in the spring of next year. The main thing that makes the original so iconic is the fact that it was directed by John Milius, who realized that it takes many things put together to make a great film. It has really good production values, a timeless soundtrack and the screenplay is excellent. For this new film to work they are going to have to take that into consideration. Using too much CGI and a lame screenplay will doom it into the same category as Conan The Destroyer.

I am going to be upbeat and positive about this new film. Hopefully, it will be good or I’ll crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women!

I Love The Video For Thriller And I Am Not Ashamed!

Most spooky music video ever!

Most spooky music video ever!

Thriller is my favorite music video ever made. There, I said it. In 1983 I was twelve years old and running home from junior high every day to watch it on MTV. Remember when MTV used to actually air creatively made music videos? Yes, they actually used to do that! Shocking, I know! They would play it once every single hour and I would watch it again and again totally engrossed with its zombies and other spooky visuals.

As everybody knows Thriller was directed by John Landis and is filmed in a style that recalls the horror films of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Not only does it contain an elongated version of the song itself, it also has a detailed plot which is in turns fun, spooky, then fun and spooky! Nothing exactly like it had been done before and who the hell knew that Michael Jackson was heavily into old school horror films? Perhaps this is the first sign that we got to see of him being a bit unusual.

I grew up watching horror films. I saw Xtro, Dawn Of The Dead, Galaxy Of Terror and many others all in movie theaters during mostly double billed shows. On TV I watched a lot of Vincent Price and Hammer horror films and loved them to death! So, when Michael Jackson came along and not only made a spooky song but a spooky video to go along with it I was happy beyond belief! I was the kind of kid who made haunted houses in her closet and who dug in the sand at the local playground hoping to find the foundations of a burnt down Victorian house that used to be there. Yep, I’ve been pretty much morbid since birth!

It was cool to like the video and you weren’t seen as a complete freak if you did. If you said that you ran home to catch the video nobody thought you were an insane geek. Then again we’re talking about my junior high years, so perhaps if you were in high school at the time things were different. I would have liked nothing better at the time than to have been able to enter that spooky world and run through the cemetery where the zombies were rising from their graves. No, seriously, I’ve always been a bit into being chased by evil creatures, hiding from them and surviving. Yes, I’m strange.

To this day I can still watch the video and be highly entertained! There is just something about it that is not only spooky but highly nostalgic. I can look back at when it first came out and smile knowing that it helped shape me into being the person that I am today. Thriller has definitely been a part of my spooky journey through life.

Red Dawn, The Ultimate Red Scare Propaganda Film



Before I start I would just like it to be known that I am talking about the original 1984 version of this film. The remake is really, really bad so avoid it at all costs! Trust me, I’m doing you a favor by telling you not to watch it.

Awww…the 1980’s, the decade of bad perms and Ronald Reagan. I was a teen during that time and Reagan would go on and on all the time about how the Soviet Union was the ‘evil empire’ and how we should all be afraid of them and want them dead at the same time. A lot of Americans totally drank the Kool-Aid and hated them. The Cold War had been escalating for close to 40 years and Reagan elevated the anti-Soviet rhetoric to such a level that we came damn close to being totally annihilated. All in all it was a really tense time to be alive. The nuclear disaster TV films The Day After and Threads both came out during this time and if you haven’t watched them go seek them out because they have totally different takes as to what would happen after a nuclear war.

Red Dawn is a product of its time and one of those kind of films that I can watch again and again and have fun doing so. Why? Because it is obviously a ‘red scare’ film. Lots of ‘red scare’ films had been made leading up to this but this particular one makes no bones about it. The story is simple, the Soviet Union, with the help of Cuba, invades the middle of the US and a group of teenagers become guerrilla fighters in order to stop them. Yep, that’s it. The entire film has a vibe that is supposed to make you feel proud of being an American, but it doesn’t really affect me in that way. Rather, I see it as a milestone in American propaganda. It’s a piece of cinema history that perfectly shows the brainwashing that was going on in America during the time.

John Milius

John Milius

Red Dawn was written and directed By John Milius, the man who directed the original Conan The Barbarian. He is well-known for having right-wing beliefs and is believed by many, according to a documentary about him that I have seen, to have purposely pissed of Hollywood in general just so that he could. Seriously, this man is a contradiction in terms. On the one hand he is a really good filmmaker when given the chance, but on the other hand he wants to rebel against the Hollywood system that enables him to make films. This film pretty much ruined his career because it is so right-wing that those who hated Reagan, a lot of Hollywood, didn’t want to work with him any longer. He mostly wrote for TV after this, including creating the series Rome. See, I told you he’s good! I’m as liberal as they come but I can appreciate a good filmmaker, no matter what their personal politics are.

There is no doubt that the ideas that Red Dawn contain now look dated, but there is still a huge amount of American exceptionalism that poisons the ability of the American government to see the forest through the trees. The idea that America is all-powerful, and that all other forms of government are obsolete has never truly died away. Sure, more people are awake now compared to the 1980’s, but when you grow up American you are taught from a very young age that you live in a special place and that you have to protect it at all costs. I feel that’s why Red Dawn works so well, it shows teenagers taking that idea to heart and protecting their country against invaders.

In the future I think that Red Dawn will be looked at as a time capsule of the prevailing attitude of America during the 1980’s towards the Soviet Union, and how propaganda was used to try to cement those ideas into the minds of the American film going audience.

Why Don’t Films Get Goth Right?

Do you know what’s sad as hell? The fact the screenwriters, and directors, still almost never correctly portray Goths. Most of the time the are aggressive teen girls who have attitude problems and look like they shop at Hot Topic. Here is a list of the worst offenders.

We are the weirdos! No, no you aren't.

We are the weirdos! No, no you aren’t.

A lot of those who claim to have been Goth as teenagers go on and on about how they loved The Craft and how they modeled themselves on the character Nancy. Who is Nancy? An aggressive teen Goth girl who looks like she got her clothes from Hot Topic and has an attitude problem. Absolutely no surprise there, right folks? Of course she is rather evil as well and goes all power-hungry towards the end of the film, which makes her totally insane. Goth chicks all practice Wicca and are secretly insane and are just waiting for the right moment to come before releasing their inner insane bitch. This was made right after the Columbine massacre so the filmmakers perpetuated the angsty Goth model. A friend and I went to see it and during the part where Nancy declares that her and her friends are weirdos my friend shouted really loud ‘I am the weirdo!’. That will always crack me up!

A gaggle of Goths in Satan's School For Girls.

A gaggle of Goths in Satan’s School For Girls.

I am watching the remake of Satan’s School For Girls while writing this and it’s what gave me the idea for this article. Thanks! Well, this little tale has a whole group of Goth girls supposedly practicing Satanism, when in fact they are practicing Wicca. Goths always have to choose between the two, and it’s so difficult isn’t it? There are times I wake up in the morning and can’t decide! All of the Goth chicks in this look like walking advertisements for Hot Topic circa late 1990’s. They all have normal colored hair and really bad accessories. They all just need some hugs and wardrobe advice, from somebody who is actually in the damn subculture!

My life is a big dark room.

My life is a big dark room.

Notice how this film was made right around the same time as the two above? This became a trend! This time it’s super angsty Kim who is psychic! Not only does she smoke cigarettes, or maybe they are cloves, she has an attitude problem. I’m beginning to get all grumpy repeating that, but I didn’t write these films so it’s not my fault. Just like Nancy she goes kind of nuts in the end and realizes that she helped kill some people. Maybe all Goths have repressed memories of this and we are all inherently evil! Kim has a collar on, but she doesn’t look quite as bad as the characters in the other films do. I like how Kin is all hanging about in a cemetery when we first meet her, because Goths love cemeteries, right guys! Okay, yeah a few of us do!

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

The Bride Of Chucky featured a Goth named Damien. Yes, Damien. He’s a typical sleazy Goth guy with really awful tattoos and a bad sense of fashion. Also, he’s wearing those damn metal finger point thingies that just scream poseur to me. If you like them that’s your problem. All Goths must be into kinky sex because they dress in all black and are into Satanism and the occult. Do you see a pattern there? Oh, and once again, this was made during the same period as all of the other films. I think studio execs, and writers, thought that Goths were dark and spooky during that time due to the whole Marilyn Manson is scary shitfest and decided that adding them to horror films would be a good fit. It really wasn’t, it was like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Do you know why all of these films got it wrong, or perpetuated the Goth stereotypes? Because these writers, costumers and directors were all lazy as hell. Seriously, I think most of them just turned on Rikki Lake at the time and pattered their Goth character(s) on teens who proclaimed their love for Marilyn Manson by being annoying twats. A sign of a good film is when the filmmakers put an effort into their final product. I’m not saying that these films aren’t entertaining, because they are, but they just don’t get Goth right.