Bands I Love Who Aren’t Goth

I listen to a lot of music that isn’t Goth. Back when I started getting into Goth in the mid-late 1980’s I was also getting into punk, so effectively I had one foot in each camp. Nowadays I would have probably been called a deathrocker, but that term wasn’t really used that much back then so I was just being me. On Friday I would go to Gilman St. in Berkeley to catch a punk show and on Saturday I would go to the Twilight Zone in Alameda to hear new wave/goth/industrial music. There were a few of us who did that and there were certain people, especially at the Twilight Zone, who looked down at that. Yes, there were total elitists in the Goth subculture even back then. The funny thing is that the ones who looked down their nose at me were mostly the weekend warrior types so they were really boring.

The Exploited are probably my all time favorite punk band. Especially the above song called Maggie that totally sings about what a cunt Maggie Thatcher was. The day that she died I played this song over and over again in celebration. Those of you who say that we shouldn’t celebrate the death of anybody did not live in the time of Thatcher and Reagan. What I’ve always loved about The Exploited is their politics. There have been people over the years saying they are Nazis, which of course is bullshit. Siouxsie also wore a swastika armband at the start of punk, so does that also make her a Nazi? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The Misfits are a very close second, but the pure aggressiveness of The Exploited still gets me worked up.

Growing up in the 1970’s/1980’s exposed me to lots of funky music, be it R&B or disco. The Gap Band are one of my favorites in this category because the heavy base/synth lines in their songs are beyond awesome and make me want to get down! I remember the above video being on MTV and totally grooving to it.

This is the most bad-ass cover of a song ever! Vanilla Fudge were a psychedelic band from New Jersey that were around mostly during the late 1960’s. I just love the sound of the Hammond organ and the heavy guitar playing. I love a lot of their music, which can be strange and trippy, but this is my favorite song of theirs. Imagine, in this clip they are actually playing live! They toured with Cream! I wish I could have gone to that show!

I have always had a crush on Bryan Ferry, he’s like the James Bond of the music world; suave and totally irresistible. *fans herself* Anyway! I love his solo work and Roxy Music. Listening to him sing makes me feel like I’m in a slightly seedy cocktail lounge surrounded by mysterious people. That’s a good thing!

I love Public Enemy. How dare I love some old-school rap…how dare I! The first time I ever heard Public Enemy was in the bedroom of a punk guy in Santa Cruz. That’s right, punks and other freaks were listening to Public Enemy before upper middle class annoying white teens ever heard of them. Again I love them because of the political message they sent out, which is so lacking in today’s world of rap. Even their newer songs are really good!

Next year will be 30 years since I started listening to PiL. They were a total gateway band for me in terms of discovering ‘strange’ music. In my opinion they are the best post-punk band of the late 70’s/80’s. Seriously, John Lydon can write circles around Morrissey. Yeah, go ahead and try to argue with me about that! I saw them three times live in the late 1980’s and they were some of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I can’t describe enough about how much this band means to me. Lydon’s later work with the band isn’t quite as good as the earlier material, but as a whole it’s excellent stuff!



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