An Invading Alien Force Would Destroy Us All

Will Smith is as dangerous as a rabid gerbil.

Will Smith is as dangerous as a rabid gerbil.

Let’s face it, if a superior alien force from another planet came to Earth we could never defeat it. Seriously, if a race of aliens has the technology to be able to travel through space quickly they sure as hell are going to have some majorly superior firepower and technology.

You know that film Independence Day? Well, it would never happen in real life. How could humans figure out an alien’s computer system without understanding its form of communication? I watched it and kept thinking ‘There is no fucking way…’ through the whole entire film. I could not suspend my disbelief to enjoy the film because the premise was just so incredibly preposterous. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy these type of films. I love the original War Of The Worlds, Predator, and Battle :L.A.. However, those films more realistically portrayed battles and the techniques that humans would have to use against a force that is superior in every way.

If an alien force were to invade you can bet they will have been observing us for a good long while before coming for a visit. That would be easy to do since we broadcast everything from satellites and have actually sent recordings into space for others to find. Do we really want others to find us? Is that really such a great idea? Stephen Hawkins has expressed in the past that maybe we shouldn’t be doing such things because we don’t know exactly what is out there. I tend to agree with this. There are going to be other inhabited planets out there, the odds are for it, so the chances of their being other species who are far more intelligent than us is pretty much a given.

Battle L.A. is more realistic.

Battle L.A. is more realistic.

An alien invading force would do one of two things: they would either just simply wipe out all life on this planet by detonating something huge and deadly, or they will bring the fighting to the streets. There is nothing we could do against the first since we don’t have force shields to protect us. The second would involve people actually physically fighting the aliens with weapons. In countries where guns are allowed this would be a much easier prospect. For instance somebody in the United States would have an easier time taking down an armed alien than say somebody in the UK who could only tut tut at them and wave a finger.

Would human weapons even adversely affect an alien creature? I’d imagine, since they’ve done their research first, that these aliens coming to invade would have combat ready armor that could easily deflect the weaponry of Earth. For all of out talk about how smart and intelligent we are we really don’t have anything too advanced beyond guns. Usually it’s just a better caliber gun that’s invented or a weapon that can fire bullets faster. If we do have laser type weapons the government is keeping them tight to their chest and not really telling us anything about it. Humans can be tricky though and fight fiercely when their land is being invaded, so humans might be able to put up a little bit of a fight.

All in all though we are totally fucked. Hollywood can spew out crap like Independence Day to try to make people feel like they are at the top of the universe’s food chain, but we all know that there is something, or someone, out there that has the ability to wipe us all out at a moment’s notice.

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