The Sci-Fi Videos Of A Flock Of Seagulls

I really, really like A Flock Of Seagulls and I think that they are a totally overlooked band in terms of their music. To me they don’t sound dated, and in fact sound more original than most of the snythpop coming out these days.


Anyway! Some people consider the band a one hit wonder, being that I Ran was their only huge single, but they were much more than that. A Flock Of Seagulls were a new wave era band that not only wrote some really good songs they also produced some really cool sci-fi themed music videos. The above video for I Ran featured mysterious women walking about with new wave make-up while appearing to be dressed in plastic garbage bands. Yes, it’s kind of silly but yet at the same time it was innovative because it connected the new wave movement with the sci-fi universe. Yes, you could be a new waver and be a total sci-fi geek at the same time! Obviously Mike Score must really like sci-fi, and that’s neat!


This second video is for the song (It’s No Me) Talking. It is shot as if it’s an old-fashioned episode of a serial, the kind that would show in a theater before the main movie. An alien ship has made contact and is coming to Earth. The military, and the men in black, show up when it lands and Mike Score steps out in a silver suit while holding a laser weapon. It’s really awesome! From what I remember reading it cost them a lot of money to make this one, which is understandable since it looks really professional.


This one is called Transfer Affection and it’s got to be the strangest one. There is a woman who is lead into a room and during the whole video she’s lying back on a lighted board with  fog machine stuff swirling about her head. Then totally unrelated there is a guy dressed up in an alien suit with a giant green head who is holding a little monkey. Mike Score is walking about singing and the whole band is wearing silver space type suits.

Space Age Love Song’s video isn’t exactly as sci-fi themed as the others but, eh, look at the title! This song literally gives me the shivers because the lyrics are so beautiful. I used to listen to this before I moved here to the UK while thinking of my now husband. How romantic! *sniffles* During the whole song they are standing on a stage outdoors with a bunch of fog behind them and it kind of looks like they are on some sort of launching pad? If that was the desired affect, it works!


Lastly there is Wishing (I Had A Photograph Of You). This one is my favorite and features Mike Score singing along with the song while walking around a spaceship and sitting at a computer. He looks really sincere while singing and as always he has really nifty hair! People have always made fun of the hair but I think it’s original, so there! There are primitive computer effects and shots of the band standing about playing.

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