Andrew Eldritch Hates Goths, Yet They Pay To See Him

This man hates you.

This man hates you.

I don’t understand why people, especially Goths in particular, pay money to see Andrew Eldritch perform live. After all he has let it be known that he doesn’t consider the Sisters Of Mercy to be Goth, and he has said that he actually hates Goths on several occasions. However, all of this hasn’t put off the gullible from giving this self-important twat their hard earned cash.

Yes, I own all of the Sisters Of Mercy albums, but these were all bought over 20 years ago. I like the albums until Vision Thing, which I think is mostly a pile of garbage. Eldrtich had kicked out everybody from the band who made actual good music and that album is the result. So, he hasn’t released an album of all original material in over twenty years, yet he still thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He has this attitude mainly because he knows people will still pay to see him live.

Now, why would people pay this man any money after they know that he specifically doesn’t like them? I think one of the main reasons is because people think they are seeing some sort of living legend perform songs that are club classics. That is like paying a bunch of money to see an Elvis hologram perform with a backing band! Yes, that is actually happening! Eldritch is living off of some warm fuzzy memories that people have of his music, so why should he even bother writing any new tunes? He knows that his concert going audience is filled with a bunch of self hating people, so why even pretend that the band is ever going to move forward into any new territory?

His hatred of the Goth subculture goes all the way back to the 1980’s. I remember around 1990 knowing somebody who met him and Eldritch told him off because he was dressed Goth. Seriously, Eldritch is that much of a dick. From then on I promised myself to never pay money to see him. I think it’s hypocritical to pay to see a man perform who hates you, then complain when other people say they hate you for being Goth. Really, what’s the difference between him hating you and somebody else? Is it okay for him to hate you because he’s some sort of ‘living legend’? Screw that and get some self respect. Stop giving him your hard earned cash because you deserve better.

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