That Time I Saw A Ghost



This is a true story of the time I, and a group of people, saw a ghost. No really, we all saw one at exactly the same time. Spooky!

It all started when two friends and I went to a club in Santa Clara called One Step Beyond. I haven’t spoken to either of these women in twenty-five years so they could be dead as far as I know. Anyway! We went to this club one night and discovered that nobody had really shown up. We were about to leave when we heard some loud music being blasted in the back area of the parking lot. We discovered three guys just hanging out in a truck bed and listening to music. They were pretty cute so we decided to hang out. Then one of them came up with the brilliant idea of driving to a burnt out monastery to hang out for the night.

To this day I have no idea where this place is located. Trust me, I’ve tried searching for it on the internet and I can’t find it anywhere. All I remember is that it was in the hills in the southern area of the Peninsula. We followed them in my car and we parked at the foot of a dirt road. There was a full moon that night so it wasn’t that difficult walking the quarter-mile up the dirt road to the buildings. Actually, they weren’t buildings as much as they were empty burnt out shells. There were walls standing three stories unsupported by anything and a large multi-storied burning that was totally burnt out. We decided to hang out in the later.

Now, all of us were actually sitting on a large balcony that formed part of one of the still standing walls. We were all facing the same direction, which was looking directly at a three-story wall that stood alone covered in ivy. There were no trees directly around it that could cause spooky shapes on top of the wall to appear. For some reason we were all looking at the top of this wall at the same time at one point and saw the outline of a man appear with its arms outstretched. I don’t remember who said anything first, all I remember is everybody yelling to get out of there! We literally ran out of there and down the dirt road until we got back to our cars.

Was it a ghost? It had to have been because there was nothing on top of that wall before and there was no way anybody could have climbed to the top of it. Literally, there was no way for anybody to scale it without killing themselves in the process. Like I said before I have searched online over the years for the location of this place but have been unable to find it. Shades of the Twilight Zone, right?

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