Why Aren’t There More Women In The Post-Apocalyptic Landscape?

Home sweet home!

Home sweet home!

After watching numerous short post-apocalyptic films the other day it damned on me that women are not equally represented within the genre. Of the ten films I watched that day only one had a woman in it. Only one! Do they think that women all die because they aren’t strong or brave enough to survive a disaster?

In most post-apocalyptic films that I have watched the female characters either die or are some kind of sex slave, very rarely are they actually the main character. The male characters get to kick ass, take names and wander off into the sunset. Why can’t a woman be the main character and hero? There is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome starring Tina Turner,but her character is a woman who is pretty much evil and is thwarted by the hero Max. In Book Of Eli the character Solara, at the very end, wanders off into the sunset, but not before following Eli about so that he can protect her. Women have to be cosseted and protected because they are not strong enough to handle the new world in which they are inhabiting, at least that is what filmmakers want us to believe.

Michonne rules!

Michonne rules!

The Walking Dead is a total exception. There are a lot of very strong female characters on the show, and quite frequently they are stronger physically, and mentally than the men. Michonne is quite possibly my favorite character on the show because she can hold her own and doesn’t take crap from anybody. Plus, she’s very independent and can survive in the wasteland all on her own without having to be rescued by a man. Women on the show are deemed just as important as the men and are given interesting story-lines so that they don’t feel like simple followers or victims that need to be constantly saved.

I would like to see more balance as to how women are portrayed in the wasteland. In fact I would like to see more women in the wasteland period! One of the things that I really love about the game Fallout 3 is that I get to play a woman who kicks all sort of ass and can survive mutant creatures without having to scream for help. Women can be just as tough as men, and in fact scientific studies have concluded that women have more stamina and a better tolerance for pain than men. If this is the case wouldn’t women be able to survive just as easily in the wasteland than men?

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