Ghetto Gothic Is Neither Gothic Or Original, So Get Over It.

This woman is stealing the ghetto gothic look! Oh noes!

This woman is stealing the ghetto gothic look! Oh noes!

Just this morning I read this stupid article on Vice about how black subcultures, particularly Ghetto Gothic, are being appropriated from the people who created it. Ghetto Gothic is spelled an entirely different way than the form I’m using here, however the other version hurts my eyes so I’m being a bit proper about things.

Anyway! A DJ in New York who goes by the name of Venus X claims to have started the Ghetto Gothic subculture and went on a rant a few months ago about how Rhianna was stealing the look she invented without giving her any credit. A look that some random DJ invented? What? Wait a second, our friend didn’t invent dressing in black, in fact she copied another subculture and spawned some hybrid creature that shouldn’t exist. Venus X claims that Ghetto Gothic is all about art and isn’t about how expensive the clothes are. Yeah, sure, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you! Hip hop and rap have only been about just the image for a very long time. Venus X actually threatened to close her club night after all of this happened because she was so angry about it. Maybe she is Goth after all, because I’ve seen TONS of Goth DJ’s do this over the years. Drama llamas.

It’s obvious that this Venus X chick thinks that the Goth subculture is only about dressing in black, that dressing in black automatically makes you dark and mysterious. Venus X comes across as dark and mysterious as an egg salad sandwich. I find it the height of comedy that somebody complains about a celebrity stealing ‘their’ look when they themselves stole the look from somebody else. What next, is she going to say that nuns are stealing her look? People have been dressing in black for ages, besides those who are of the Gothic persuasion, so who the heck is she to get all up in arms about all this?

So, what it comes down to is a mostly white subculture being borrowed by a mostly black subculture, then that black subculture getting mad at a black woman for stealing the look. I couldn’t make up this teenage drama even if I tried! If a person is only dressing in black, and doesn’t listen to Goth subculture based music then I don’t consider them to be a Goth. End of story.

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