Favorite Villains: The Kurgan

There can be only one!

There can be only one!

I love the film Highlander, mostly because of the pure evilness of the character The Kurgan. Like the hero of the film he is an immortal who must fight to the death in order to gain a bunch of mystical powers. What exactly are those mystical powers? I think it’s supposed to be knowledge, but they never fully explain it in the film. Moving on!

Why do I like this sword wielding evil guy? Mostly because he’s evil and can use a sword. Yep, it’s that simple. There is nothing totally mysterious about him, except for perhaps his background. You see what you get with him which is pretty cool. You don’t have to analyze why he is nuts, he just is. Would a totally sane person hold an old neck would together with safety pins? Probably not because it looks painful as hell.

The Kurgan is all about frightening people with his insanity before he kills them. This combined with his physical stature would cause even the most mighty swordsman to question whether he should really fight him or not. He’s very intimidating and this makes him an excellent foe!

There isn’t really that much information about The Kurgan in the film. All we learn is that he’s from a tribe that lived on the steppes of Russia and that they threw babies into fires for fun. In some of the Highlander spin-off material there is more information about him but I like him kind of mysterious. I mean, what if we were to learn that he liked to pet puppies? That would ruin everything and not make him the great villain that he is.

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