No, You Can’t Just Magically Become Goth

Oh hell no.

Oh hell no.

I quite honestly don’t care if I come across as an elitist bitch by writing this post. This is a subject that has always bothered me and one in which probably wouldn’t be around without the help of two things: Marilyn Manson and the internet.

Are you old enough to remember when Marilyn Manson reared his ugly head? I sure am, and let me tell you it was a truly awful thing to behold. The man, and his music, aren’t Goth but by golly did his little teenage fans think they were! Now, why was this? It was because the mainstream press labeled him Goth so his followers thought that they were Goth by association. Of course they weren’t, they were just idiots trying to piss off their parents and shock people. They would go on daytime talk shows, especially Jenny Jones and Rikki Lake, and brag about how Goth they were and how much they loved Marilyn Manson. You can’t make this shit up.

These misinformed and annoying kids thought that they could just automatically become Goth by going to Hot Topic and buying some overpriced and cheap looking outfits. Their attitude was the same as before they were Goth, they were just brats playing at being spooky. Being spooky, to them, meant being rude to others and acting like a twat. What they failed to understand is the being Goth is about much more than dressing in black and wearing bad make-up, rather it’s about being drawn to things that have a darker feel. Also, it’s quite heavily about the music, which these teens had no idea about.

I have a story that relates to all of this. One time I was walking around a toy store wearing a Christian Death shirt and it was around 1997. A teen comes up to me and asks me if Christian Death are like Marilyn Manson. I tell him no then move on. He then proceeds to keep following me about the store going on and on about Marilyn Manson. I think I only escaped because I went to the checkout to buy something.

The internet has done nothing to help all of this. Yes, there is some really good information out there concerning the subculture, but it is just as filled with misinformed people spouting off what they think Goth really is about. This is usually done by teens who think they know it all when in fact they, of course, don’t. Giving people advice on how to dress Goth, and not talking about the music aspect or anything else, does not help things at all. There are tons of kids out there who still think that being Goth is all about the image, and that in order to be Goth they have to fit into a neat little box that has already been thought out for them.

When a teen enters the modern Goth subculture they don’t have to be intelligent. They can look up the ‘subtypes’ of Goth and pick out which one they want to be. They feel like they have to stay in their little box and not stray out of it or they won’t be considered a romantic, cyber, Victorian, etc…Goth. It’s ridiculous! Gone is all creativity and being your own person. They don’t develop their own style or personality, instead they become a walking stereotype, which is just plain stupid. Also, try holding an intelligent conversation with these empty vessels. You can’t, it’s impossible!

If you don’t like Goth music or things with a darker edge then don’t call yourself Goth or ‘become’ Goth. Just be yourself instead of dressing in a costume.

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  1. Panurge

     /  July 29, 2014

    I used to think like this. Then I wondered why I should let that stop me. Besides, the reason I don’t like Goth music is because it’s not dark enough.



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