Smallpox Vials Found In A Storage Room?

This doesn't look like fun!

This doesn’t look like fun!

Recently employees who were transferring lab equipment from one place to another discovered six vials of the smallpox virus dating back to 1954. If that isn’t worrying enough testing has come to the conclusion that two of those vials still contain the active virus. That’s right, there were vials of the active smallpox virus just sitting in an unused storage room for about 60 years.

Smallpox is an awful disease. The most common form of it, Variola Major, killed 30% of those who caught it and quite frequently it permanently disfigured those who survived. First you would have flu like symptoms, and once you started to feel like you were getting better you started breaking out in bumps all over your body. The bumps would start filling with fluid, grow and then burst. Those who got them near the eyes were at risk of going blind. Sounds like fun, eh? As somebody who has had chickenpox I can’t imagine having something even worse than that.

What else do they have hiding out in old disused storerooms? Anthrax maybe?

The good news? Smallpox was eradicated worldwide in 1980 and there have been no reported natural cases of it reported since then. However, there are labs who actually keep the live virus for experimentation purposes. Personally, I’m not buying that. I think the US and Russia only keep it in order to weaponize it in case WW3 starts and they feel like getting rid of a good portion of a population. Considering how fragmented the late Soviet Union became it’s pretty likely that they are yet more vials of smallpox floating about out there somewhere.

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