Fun Times In Fallout 3

Welcome to the Capital Wasteland!

Welcome to the Capital Wasteland!

Fallout 3 is my all time favorite video game. I’ve owned it on every platform and have played it so many times that I’ve lost count.

The main reason why I love the game so much is because it is set in a bizarre future in which a nuclear war happened in the 1950’s, and time has pretty much stopped. Sure, there are some advanced weapons, but basically your character is beholden to morals and values of that era. You can play it as totally evil, neutral or good. I have only played once as a good character and it wasn’t much fun helping the ghouls get into Tenpenny Tower, let me tell you. Playing evil, in my opinion, is the only way to go.

Welcome to Megaton!

R.I.P. Megaton!

So, what do you do to become evil? First off I personally blow up the settlement of Megaton. Of course I do all the available missions beforehand, in order to level up and get items that I will need in the future. Also, I kill all of the townspeople and steal their items; I’m efficient. Blowing up Megaton is rather easy to do since the town has an unexploded nuclear bomb sitting in the middle of it. I feel no shame in this since I get to see the beautiful sight of it exploding from a distance while on the top of Tenpenny Tower. It’s quite a site, trust me!

That was your first step towards being evil. You have to keep in mind that being evil does have its consequences. Certain groups of the wasteland will shoot you on sight and ask questions later. There will even be a posse that comes after you once in a while so that they can claim the bounty put on your head. These pests will bother you at the most impromptu moments so be prepared. Another direct consequence of being evil is that the DJ Three Dog will take crap about you on his radio program. If you are sensitive to being called names be warned!

Destroyy all ghouls!

Destroy all ghouls!

A group of ghouls will ask you to help then get into Ten Penney Tower so that they can take it over. Don’t help them! If you do that you won’t be able to buy as much gear from merchants inside the building and the ambiance of the place will go downhill fast. Instead pretend to be friends with these ghouls and mow them all down! Well, they have radiation poisoning and are going to die anyway. Just think of it as putting them out of their misery.

One particular mission that I rather enjoy doing is wiping out all of Paradise Falls. Sure, they are themselves evil and slavers, but I am even more evil and have to destroy them. There can only be so many evil people in the wasteland after all! They have a lot of weaponry on site so make sure you take plenty of first aid kits and ammo. It’s worth it though!

Little bugger.

Little bugger.

One thing that the game will not allow you to do is kill children. This is a damn shame since the whole population of Lamplight Caverns are children and are annoying as hell! I don’t do any missions involving children, especially the ones that want you to lead them somewhere. Screw that, the little shits can go find their own way. If they get slaughtered by a deathclaw then so be it! Sometimes I will do good things because I’ll be in an especially sunny mood while playing. Please don’t hold this against me!

Do you know what would be really neat? If we could for one hour visit the Capital Wasteland. I would want to try a  Nuka-Cola, hang out at Ten Penney Tower and dress like an extra from The Road Warrior. Avoiding deathclaws and super mutants I would bask in the glow of a really peachy keen post-apocalyptic world!

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