Why Do Goth Proms Exist?



One aspect of the modern Goth subculture that I totally do not understand is the concept of having a ‘Goth Prom’. Seriously, I just don’t get it at all. This is a phenomenon that does not go back to the 1980’s and is just plain ridiculous.

I never went to my junior prom or my senior prom. The main two reasons being that I didn’t like most of the people in my graduating class and that I didn’t want my mother to have to waste money on an event that I knew I would be miserable at. Even at that age I was very aware of the fact that a school prom is basically nothing more than a popularity contest. That’s all it is folks, if you think it has any deeper meaning than that I have a bridge to sell you.

There had to have been one person that first came up with the entire of holding a ‘Goth Prom’, and whomever that is should be put into a corner and made to wear a dunces cap. Why the hell would you essentially want to attend an event that is based upon a popularity contest? So what if it has Goth music and everybody is dressed in black, it’s the same damn thing. So, you didn’t go to your school’s prom and want a replacement? The problem isn’t the school prom, the problem is the fact that you think that you have to go to a prom to fulfill some sort of mysterious social contract.

If you want to look special for just one night then buy a really pretty dress and wear it to a Goth club night. It’s as simple as that! You don’t need a ‘special’ night to look pretty. What the heck do you normally wear to clubs, a potato sack with a drawing of Morticia Addams on it? Do you also want to go out with your date to a special dinner? Then go to dinner and a regular Goth club night while all dressed up. Do I really have to explain this? Really?

Tell me, what is the difference between regular culture and the Goth subculture at this point? Well, absolutely nothing as far as I can tell and that makes me a bit sad. Instead of being a group of social outcasts that didn’t really care about social constructs like a prom you now have a bunch of people running around wanting the subculture to be exactly the same as ‘normal’ society. The only difference being people dressing in black and dancing funny. It’s conforming to a societal standard while pretending you’re different from society. Mr. Spock is not amused!

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  1. Frank Schmidt

     /  July 27, 2014

    Hello. I actually promote something called the ‘Prom of Doom’ every year despite having been, I imagine, no less an outcast in high school than you. I just wonder what makes you think a goth prom is anything other than a normal goth club night, only more so. We crown a prom king and queen based on a dance-off (last year’s was to ‘Jungle Boogie’), and the queen, a woman I don’t know personally but who I’m guessing is in her mid-30s, wept with joy when I gave her the bouquet and tiara. That, of course, was before the conga line (‘Jump In Line’ followed by ‘Cuban Pete.’). Are we supposed to be so busy remembering that we are (or were) social outcasts that we must be determined not to have fun, or must invent a different vocabulary in order to do it? You write very well, and of course I have no wish or right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t write about, but I do notice that a lot of what you post is labelled, “Why I think ________ is stupid.” As a rule I’m the last person to say this, but maybe your habit of being judgmental is interfering with the clarity of the way you perceive things. For the record, I went to both my junior and senior proms. A really lovely girl broke a date with someone else to go with me my senior year, though she knew I’d be wearing a black toga and bunny slippers. By the way, I don’t mind at all if you don’t make this public. I don’t want to seem to publicly attack you, just to encourage you to go to a prom.


  2. A person can have fun without having to resort to imitating societal constructs. When I first started going to clubs there were no such things as ‘Goth Proms’, and people had fun. I just don’t understand the need to copy these social constructs in the modern Goth subculture. It seems like kids these days, and perhaps some adults, want to be fully accepted by society. I clearly don’t remember people being so concerned with that in the subculture when I was younger. The attitude was more or less ‘I’m going to do what I’m going to do and fuck society if they don’t like it’. Now, it’s more like ‘Society has to accept me and I’m going to make them do it.’. If people want to go to them that’s their choice, but I would never be caught dead at one.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m opinionated as hell, but that is my right and this is my blog. If people disagree with me that’s fine but I’m not going to change my style of writing for anybody.



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