On Hate-Reading xoJane

This describes a fair number of the writers and commenters.

This describes a fair number of the writers and commenters.

Is there a website that you read just because it’s such a train-wreck that you can’t look away no matter what you do? This is exactly how my relationship with the site xoJane is. I have tried to stay away from it but no matter what I do I keep getting drawn back to it like a moth to a flame. No, I don’t read it for support, rather I read it for the sheer insanity that it regularly contains.


I have several illnesses and that makes me more oppressed and special than you.

I am probably one of the most liberal human beings you’d ever have the pleasure to meet but my sympathy for people can only go so far. This is especially the case when in order to get attention commenters will list all of their ‘illnesses’, mostly mental disorders, in order to seem like they are more oppressed, and have it more rough, than anybody else. I’ve been wondering how far people are going to take this. Is somebody going to claim to be in a coma soon?

Wear this make-up/clothing and automatically become part of a subculture that you actually have no clue about.

Every few months some ‘writer’ who has no clue as to what they are talking about will write a beauty/fashion article about Goth. This awful article is a prime example of that. Take this quote from it for instance:

My favorite gothic ‘90s lady is Rose McGowan during her Marilyn Manson phase. Lorde and Jennifer Lawrence have nothing on Rose’s slutty goth look. All Rose needed were some chains, a black g-string, dark hair and dark makeup.

What the chick gets confused on is the fact that just because somebody wears black doesn’t mean that they are automatically Goth. Priests and nuns would be considered Goth, by her standards, just because they wear dark clothes. Well, at least they already have some pretty cool jewelery, right? Then there is the whole ‘slutty goth’ quote above. There is nothing more than I like doing than dressing up like a slutty goth in the morning, because that is how I roll! Also, she typically equates Goth with Marilyn Manson. No, just no. Lastly, there is the fact that there have been Goth trends in fashion before this chick’s article was written. It’s like she emerged from a cave and suddenly noticed that people dress in black.

Put a trigger warning because I have anxiety issues concerning beets.

I’m pretty convinced at this point that some commenters on the site think that they deserve trigger warnings for the silliest things. You know what? The world is a scary place sometimes and we can’t control what happens in it. Instead of expecting a site to cater to your specific needs maybe you should think about why something freaks you out and avoid it until you’re ready to deal with it.

We didn’t know that the author was racist/stupid/ignorant, we’re sorry and they are now fired.

The site does absolutely NO research when it comes to hiring contributors. Seriously, it’s really kind of sad. It’s like they take just the word of the writer in question and go with it. Perhaps they hire people based on more on their personal style than on their ability to write content? Hey, I’m not the greatest writer in the universe but I know for a fact that I can write circles around some of the people they have hired. Recently they fired Melissa Stetten after commenters pointed out that she wrote racist things in the past. In fact she had previously dated this guy who has just been fired from a radio show for racist comments. Go figure.

I’m obese/overweight but I am perfectly healthy.

There are several writers on there that will claim that they are the healthiest creatures on the planet even though they are morbidly obese. I think women should be happy at any size they want to be, however there are health issues in the future that will affect you if you choose to remain overweight. Yes, you can have perfect blood-work but the human body wasn’t made to support a tremendous amount of weight. In the future you are going to need knee replacement surgery and you will probably have issues concerning your hips and ankles. Three women in my family have been affected by this so I know of what I speak. No, I’m not oppressing you by telling you the truth!

Jane is only out to make money from our misery!

Of course she is, she’s running a business not a therapy site! Her job isn’t to solve why you freak out every single time you see a spider, rather her job is to make money! Imagine that, a person creating a website to make money! Wow, I bet nobody has done that before!

I could go on but you get my point. I’m not going to recommend that you go there, you may want to poke your eyes out with a spork.




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