Woe is me!

My whole life is a dark room!

My whole life is a dark room!

I moved to the UK from the United States almost two years ago. That in itself isn’t really a huge deal, people move to different countries all of the time. However, I moved to a very, very conservative area. How conservative may you be asking? I’d say a good 95% of the teenagers here dress exactly the same. No joke, the level of conformity here is the highest out of any single place I have ever lived. When a group of teen girls walk by I quite honestly can’t tell them apart. It makes me wonder if some of these teens walking down the street look at me and wish that they could have the same freedom to dress as I do. Why don’t they? Since people tend to be wealthy here I’m guessing there is an extreme amount of peer pressure.

Over the years I have waxed and waned when it comes to my appearance. Some years I’ve looked very Victorian, others Deathrock, and still others I just wear a horror shirt and some jeans. I guess it all depends on the mood I’m in and how totally lazy I get. Right now I’m kind of a combination of everything. I figure that at the age of forty-three I can pretty much dress how I want to. I do have a list of things that I refuse to wear though:
-black lipstick
-torn fishnets

Now that you have some background as to how I normally dress you can imagine my surprise when people genuinely look very surprised when I’m walking down the street. As you can tell I’m not an angst filled teen wearing a ton of make-up and scowling at people. I don’t dress the way I do to impress people, I dress in clothes that make me feel comfortable. Actually I look rather corporate Goth most of the time.

Anyway! The other week I went to the local M&S with my husband and I noticed that our cashier was a teen girl that had a white streak in her hair, you know like Dave Vanian. I mentioned this to her and she told me that she like The Damned a lot! That brought a smile to my face and I told her that I thought it was cool that somebody her age liked them. Then came the shocker. She told me that she wants to copy one of my tattoos. Okay, wait a sec. I still don’t know whether to be flattered or scared over this because the arm that she pointed to has two Roman themed tattoos on it that both mean a lot to me. I spent months and months pondering whether to get them or not, so some girl I don’t know saying that she want to copy me kind of fills me with dread.

Am I becoming some sort of style icon around here? On the one hand I think that’s kind of neat, but on the other hand outright copying me isn’t original. Sure, a person can’t exactly steal somebody’s ‘Goth look’ since everything being done now has been done in the past, but living in a very enclosed area makes it very obvious if somebody does this.

Maybe I should become a guru and set up classes to brainwash all of the teens around here into becoming…just…like…me. *twitches*

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  1. Another interesting read. You can find some teens with alternative style in the UK, you just have to look in the right places!

    Would love to see some photos of your style.



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